About Us

Deborah Dockery started The Center For Inner Peace to provide evidence-based complementary medicine practices to patients in a professional and caring setting. Her goal is to create, support, and enhance traditional allopathic medical care.

She is an experienced Respiratory Therapist and Medical Sonographer working in Intensive Care, Emergency Room, Cardiovascular Surgery, and Interventional Radiology, for 35 years.

Her expertise includes working with patients and families, in a hospital, clinic, and outpatient setting providing care to Mental Health, Maternity/High-Risk Pregnancy, Hospice/Palliative Care, ICU/CCU, Pain Management, Dialysis, and ER.

Deborah was employed for 7 years at The Veteran’s Medical Center, Cleveland, treating combat veterans suffering from PTSD, as well as a founding member of Warrior’s Journey Home Support Group.

For 30 years Deborah served as a facilitator of 12-Step Recovery Programs, both adult and adolescent groups, presently serving as a member of The Summit County Opiate Task Force. She also is a facilitator/instructor for patients and support groups at Stewart’s Cancer Caring Place for current and surviving cancer patients and families.

She is a professionally trained military/medical/trauma chaplain and has completed the four-year required training program of 1600 clinical hours. She has provided non-religious and interfaith spiritual direction for 12 years for families, individuals, and groups. Deborah is a member of the Military Chaplains Association and The Association of Professional Chaplains.