The Center for Inner Peace

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About Us

The Center for Inner Peace is a holistic wellness practice with specialized programs and treatments to support emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and physical recovery, as well as healing and reflection, without religious or polictical influences.

Service Offerings

From Hypnotherepy and Reiki to life coaching, guided imagery to book clubs, there’s a holistic or integrated service for all of your health and healing needs.


Deborah is a gifted healer and possesses the rare ability to actively listen to whomever seeks her counsel. She is remarkably intuitive and possesses a wealth of knowledge which she dispenses generously. Her follow-up is fantastic.

-Connie, Patient

Deb is a born healer. She sincerely listens. I feel blessed to have her in my life. Deb’s guided imagery has been so helpful to me in growing from stressful issues and decreasing side of effects of chemotherapy. Better than any medicine I could take, work with Deb nourishes the heart and spirit to be the best you that you can be!

-Patti, Patient

How We Serve You

Deborah started The Center For Inner Peace to provide evidence-based complementary medicine practices to patients in a professional and caring setting. Her goal is to create, support, and enhance traditional allopathic medical care without religous or political influences.

Integrative Solutions

Alternative solutions paired together with conventional medicine to treat the whole body, mind, and spirit.

Home Care Options

Receive your favorite holistic, alternative, and integrated health services inside the comfort of your own home.

Meeting Rooms

Inviting space to conduct meetings, off-sites and more. Pricing varies by date and customized requests

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